The end of a 22 year journey to Ngāti Rārua settlement marks the beginning of a new journey, as the iwi looks to the future. The Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust was established in 1992 to manage fishing assets and undertake research into the history of the iwi, in order to seek settlement with the Crown.

"I’ve spoken of the challenging hikoi we’ve been through; and I’ve spoken about what this signing represents. Make no mistake, we have travelled a long way to get here. The good news is, we are here!" - Amoroa Luke 


A deed of mandate was submitted in December 2005, and the Crown recognised the mandate on 3 October 2006 to enter negotiations for a comprehensive Treaty of Waitangi Settlement.

An agreement in Principal was signed with the Crown in 2010 and in August 2014, some 22 years after the process for redress commenced, iwi members ratified the agreement. The ACT went before Parliament in April of 2015 and in August 2015 the transfer of assets began 

Now a new journey begins, as the iwi looks to the

future and the next stage of its development.

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